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Temperature Recorder TR-71Ui

Temperature and Humidity Recorder TR-72Ui



Temperature Recorder :TR-71Ui

Temp. and Humidity Recorder: TR-72Ui

Tr-71s.jpg (8736 個位元組)                        Tr-72s.jpg (20482 個位元組)

TR-71U Features:

2 Temperature Channels

8,000 Readings Each

-40 to 110°C ( External Sensor) ;

Optional sensor - 60 to 155 °C

Real Time Display



TR-72U Features:

1 Humidity and 1 Temp. Channel

8,000 Readings Each

0 ~ 50 °C / 10-95% RH

2 Measurement and Recording Channels in Each Unit.

Real Time Display

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點入可看波形 Graphic Dispaly for TR-71U and TR-72U


  TR-71Ui TR-72Ui
Measurement Channel
2 Channel
(Select from Internal or External)
2 Channel
(Temperature and Humidity)
Measurement Item
Temperature Only
Internal Sensor
-10 to 60°C
-10 to 60°C
External Sensor
-40 to 110°C
0 to 50°C
10 to 95%RH
Option Sensor
-60 to 155°C *1
-40 to 110°C
Measurement Accuracy
(Standard Sensor)
Average ±0.3°C(-20 to 80°C)
Average ±0.5°C(-40 to-20/80 to 110°C)
(At 25°C 50%RH)
Measurement Resolution Display
Humidity Sensor
Recording Interval
1,2,5,10,15,20,30Seconds,1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60Minutes / Total of 15 choices
Recording Capacity
8,000 Readings x 2 Channels
Recording Method
Endless (Overwrite from the oldest data when recording capacity is full)
One time Method (Stop recording when recording capacity is full)
LCD Display
Measurements (Ch1 only, Ch2 only, alternating display), Recording Status,
Battery Life Warning, Amount of Recorded Data, Unit of Measurement
AA Alkaline battery (LR6)
Battery Life
About 1year *2
Data Back-up
Activated when battery power is low or when switch is off (about 1 year)
USB Communication Cable (option: RS-232C)
USB Communication time
When downloading (1 unit of full data-about 8 seconds)
H55mm x W78mm x D18mm
About 62g (Including AA alkaline batteries)
Warking Environment for Main Unit
Temperature: -10 to 60°C
Humidity: under 90%RH (without condensation)
Attached Sensors
TR-0106 x 2
TR-3100 x 1
*1: There are two types of temperature sensor for TR-71U depending on measurement range.
*2: Battery life depends upon the measuring environment, recording interval, and quality of the battery being used.


Common Attachement 

Manual Battery Cable CD-ROM

For TR-71U


For TR-72U

  Common Attachments+ TR-0106

  Common Attachments+ TR-3100

USB Communication


Serial Communication


 USB Connects  up to 4 units








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