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Digital UVA light meter


特 性:

Product ID: UVA-830 ??
UVA Light Meter ( UVA-830)
UVA-830 Features:
_CE-Mark approval
_Portability and simplicity one-hand operation
_Three Ranges: 199.9 microW /cm2
1.999 mW /cm2
19.99 mW /cm2
_With MAX/DATA HOLD function
_With pocket hook
_Ultra-violet irradiance measurement for UVA
_UV detector spectrum from 320nm to 400nm

Digital light meter Tecpel  UVA-830
  • Specifications:
    Display: 3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with a maximum
    reading of 1999.
    Zero: Automatic
    Low battery indication: The "Battery symbol " is displayed when the
    battery voltage drops below the operating level.
    Operating environment: 0 degC to 50degC, at <70% relative humidity.
    Storage temperature: -20degC to 60degC, 0 to 80% R.H. with battery
    removed from meter.
    Accuracy: Stated accuracy at 23degC+/-5degC, <75% relative
    Battery: 1.5V x 3pcs AAA size.
    Dimensions: 155mm(H) x 48mm(W) x 24mm(D).
    Weight: Approx. 2.9 oz.(81.2g) including battery.
    Sensor: UV Photo diode
    Range: 199.9 microW / cm2
    1.999 mW / cm2
    19.99 mW / cm2
    Accuracy: +/-(4% FS +/-2dgts)
    (FS: full scale)
    UV Sensor Spectrum: Band pass 320-400nm

Light meter UVA-830 English manualDownload Manual of UVA-830 light meter  







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