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3 3/4 Digital Multimeter



Digital multimeter dmm-129A  3 3/4 digit RS-232 temperature measurement.
  Digital Multimeter

Autoranging + AC True RMS

Model : DMM 129A
Features :

3 3/4 digits, 3,999 Count

Auto/Manual range
42 Segment analog bar graph
Data Hold/Max-Min memory
Relative mode
Capacitance measurement
Overload protection
Frequency measurement
Audible continuity check
Diode test
Auto power off
20Amp Range measurement
Double fuse protection (500mA, 20A)
Overlapping rubber holster
Temperature measurement :
-50'C ~ 1300'C (-58'F ~2372'F).
RS232 interface

Digital Multimeter 3999 counts

pH meter with CE approval
Model : DMM 129A

Specifications :
DC Voltage Ranges:
400mV,4V,40V,400V,1000V 0.1%

AC Voltage Ranges:
400mV,4V,40V,400V,750V 1%

DC Current Ranges:
400uA,4000 uA, 40mA,400mA, 20A 1%

AC Current Ranges:
400uA,4000 uA, 40mA,400mA, 20A 1 1.5%

Resistance Ranges:
400 4k ,40 k ,400 k ,4M , 40M Ohm, 0.5%

Capacitance Range:
4nF,40nF,400nF,4uF,40uF,400uF, 4mF, 40mF 3.0 %

Frequency Range:
4k,40K,400K,4MHz, 40MHz 0.1%

Overload protection:
450VDC or AC RMS for DC/AC Voltage,R,diode,continuity

*Diode Test * Continuity Test
Temperature : -50'C ~ 1300'C (-58'F ~ 2372'F) +/- 0.8% K type thermocouple.
MAX/MIN Hold, RS-232,
Hz button ACV/DCV, ACA/DCA measurement, push this button to read frequency on display
Resolution: 100uV, 0.1uA, 0.1 Ohm, 1P, 1Hz, 1'C, 1'F


Power Requirement:
Dual 1.5Volt no.4 battery

1.2"x3.2"x6.9" (32x82x176mm)

13.9 oz(395g)

Test leads, holster, battery, and owners manual

Remarks:DC/AC Voltage ranges are limited to 600V for CE. LVD. regulation,
but actually DC 1000V & AC 750V are measurable

Certificate: CE

Ordering information:

DMM-129A 3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Accesories: Gift Box, Software Disk, English manual, Test leads, Optical Interface USB cable USB-A, thermocouple Bead probe TPK-01, Fast blow fuse 500mA each one pc.

Digital multimetr dmm-129A Accesories: Gift Box, Software Disk, English manual, Test leads, USB cable,








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