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Heavy Duty Digital multimeter DMM-8050A

4 1/2 DMM+True RMS


Features :

True RMS
19.999 count LCD display
0.05% DC V accuracy
High voltage to 1,000 DC and 750V AC.
20A DC/AC current range and 20MΩ)
Frequency measurement
☆ Data hold
☆ Logic test
☆ Duty cycle measurement
Drop-proof to 10ft.
Overload protection
Meet IEC-348 and UL-1244 standard
2-year warranty
Model : DMM 8050A


Digital multimeter has 0.05% DCV accuracy. model DMM-8050, a digital multimeter from Tecpel Co Ltd. measures

electrical parameters with a DCV accuracy of 0.05 percent. It also offers true RMS readings, and results are shown on

a 4 1/2 digit LCD with 19,999 counts of resolution. Power sources is a 9V battery.

The multimeter is capable of measuring DC voltage levels of 200mV to 1,000V , AC 200uA to 20A, resistance of 200 Ohm

to 20M ohm and frequency of 2 to 200KHz. It also can be used test duty cycles, logic signal, diodes and transistors.

The product has a yellow ABS housing that measures 86 x 190 x 38 mm and weighs 424 g. On it are two switches for

power and data hold, a rotating knob and four testing ports. The unit is shockproof up to a 10ft drop and is also protected

from overload.



Specifications : 

DC Voltage Ranges:

200mV,2V,20V,200V,1000V ±(0.05%+3dgts)

AC Voltage Ranges:

200mV,2V,20V,200V,750V,(True RMS), ±(1~2%+20dgts)

DC Current Ranges:

200uA,2mA,20mA,200mA, 20A,±(0.5~2%+10dgts),

AC Current Ranges:

200uA,2mA,20mA,200mA, 20A,(True RMS),±(0.8~2.5%+10dgts),

Resistance Ranges:

200Ω,2kΩ,20 kΩ,200 kΩ,2MΩ,20MΩ, ±(0.15~1%+10dgts)

Frequency Range:


*Diode Test * Transistor test (hFE) * Logic Test


Power Requirement:

One 9V battery


7.5"x3.4"x1.5" (190x86x38mm)


17 oz(482g)


Test leads, holster, battery, and owners manual








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