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Sound Level Meter Calibrator  


Product ID: Tecpel DSL-336A


TECPEL DSL-336A Sound Level Calibrator (1KHz)
By many regulations, sound level meters need to verify their

accuracy before and after measurements. Our sound calibrator

series are designed to fulfill this customer needs.

These calibrators provide different sound level at different

frequencies to fit different regulations and they are perfect

for periodical check on their sound level meters.


SPECIFICATIONS        CE  Mark Safety Approval
  • Specifications:
    • Output Sound Pressure Levels:
    • 114dB and 94dB re 20uPa under reference Conditions
    • Output Frequency: 1000Hz±2%
    • Total Harmonic Distortion:
    • Reference Condition:
    • Temperature 23°C(73°F)
    • Static press 103hpa
    • Relative humidity 50%
    • Accuracy of sound pressure level:
    • Understated reference environment conditions ±0.5dB
    • Battery test:
    • Operate: Green LED indicator
    • Low battery: Red LED indicator
    • Battery: 9V battery
    • Dimensions: 113x63x44 mm
    • Weight: Approx.170g
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Battery, Operation Manual, soft Carrying bag, 1/2 inch Microphone adapter.
  • Optional accessory: Tracealbe calibration certificate to Taiwan Electronics Laboratoy ETC.

 MODEL :  TECPEL  DSL-336 (This model is discontinued and replaced by DSL-336A)

DSL-336A doesn't include 1/4 inch (Optional) Microphone adapter. Other specification is same as old model DSL-336.







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