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Product ID: PE-148N, PE-149G, PE-03B, ORP-148G



Product ID: PE-148N PE-149G ORP-148G



A wide variety of Tecpel pH electrodes in the result of continuing Research and Development in this technology.

The pH sensitive glass membrance of electrodes has extremely low alkaline error and low electrical resistance thus ensuring fas and accurate response. We can supply these electrodes for pH range of 0 14 and for temprature range of 0~ 70'C and 0~ 100 'C.

Electrode are available in Gel, KCl filled versions and are supplied with 1 meter long cable and BNC plug. Longer cable lengths can be supplied at an extra cost. These electrodes can be supplied with almost all makes of int'l and domestic pH meters.

We follow well defined strict quality control measures and each and every electrode is checked individually for its performance and quality by our Q.C. Department
pH Electrode PE-148N

PE-148N ( Non Refillable, Expoxy Gel Filled Type for longer life)

PC body For General laboratory applications


ph Electrode PE-149G

pH Electrode PE-149G-2M

(Glass type, KCl filled for general laboratory applications)

pH Electrode PE-03B

pH Electrode Model : PE-03B

Optional Accessory

Model : PE-03B-1M ( Extentional BNC Cable) 1M Long

Model : PE-03B-5M (Extentioanl BNC Cable)

5M Long

ORP Electrode ORP-148G

ORP Electrode ORP-148G-2M

Glass Body with platinum wire on the bulb for laboratory & industrial Redox potentioal measurements and Redox Titration

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Model Number Range Temperature Body Refillable Length Remarks:
PE-148N 0~ 14pH 0 ~ 80 'C PC Non 1 M Epoxy Gel Filled Type
PE-149G-2M 0~ 14pH 0 ~ 80 'C Glass Yes 2 M  


PE-03B-1M ( BNC Cable 1M)

PE-03B-5M (BNC Cable 5M)

0~ 14pH 0 ~ 80 'C PC Non 1 M or 5M ( Option) Epoxy Gel Filled Type
ORG-148G-2M +/- 0~ 1500 mV 0 ~ 80 'C Glass Yes 2 M with platinum wire on the bulb








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