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EMF Field Tester

Model: EMF-701

Features :

13 mm(0.5"), 3 1/2 digit LCD display
EMF field Tester EMF-701
Range in guass:0.1m to 199.9m gauss.
 Range in Telsa:0.01 ~ 19.99 Tesla
Band width:30Hz to 300Hz
 A cost effective, handheld meter provides the user with quick, 
     reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field (EMF)
     radiation levels generated by power lines, cables, computer monitors, 
     TV sets, Video equipment and many other similar devices..
 Over range indication
Fast sampling rate of 2.5 times per second
Model  :EMF-701

Specifications :

Measurement Range:
0.1  to 199.9 milligauss

0.01 to 19.99μ Tesla

Frequency Bandwidth:
30 to 300 Hz

±(4%+3dgts) at 50/60Hz

Number of Axes:
Single axis

Power Requirement:
1 piece 9V battery

5.2"x2.8"x1.0" (131x70x25mm)

5.8 oz(165g)

battery and owners manual.


Q and A:

A customer has asked three questions regarding this if possible can you advise and confirm that the device is operating as this should do.?

1. The reading is often 0, but when I move it in the air (ie not next to an appliance of any sort) the numbers shoot up, but then return to 0 again when I stop moving. Why is this?

Ans: When? in an environment of 50 ~ 300 HZ waves exist, and the size of the signal is to let the machine senses, ?LCD will display digital
under state and sometimes handheld sensor to 0.01 ~ 0.02 milli Gauss body or the surrounding environment may be caused by interference. ?Do not care

2. I held the sensor next to a switched on plug. When I held the right hand sensor against the plug, the reading was 0.01 gauss, but it was 0 when I held the left hand sensor against the plug. I am confused by this??

Ans: EMF-701 is a uniaxial induction instrument?and ?may vary in different directions or locations and have different readings?

3. Could you please confirm which part of the EMF sensor must be held next to the appliance in order for it to sense the EMFs? ie, is the sensor where the grooves are in the plastic casing on either side of the sensor??

Ans: EMF-701 SENSOR is located below the LCD (write EMF SENSOR area in the middle)
Since it is the uniaxial sensors to measure the amount of electromagnetic signals from two sides of the environment.?
This requires precise control sensor position, and possibly ?not to interfered with other signals.
We are using the standard positioning fixture to adjust it.








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