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LCR Meter  Model:LCR-610

This handheld LCR-610 is designed to measure the parameters of an impedance

element with high accuracy and speed, measurements of inductance, capacitance,

resistance(equivalent series resistance) and dissipation factor

are provided for over a broad band of ranges. In addition, you'll find that it is

ideal fro testing SMD type components by its optional test lead TL-06.

Plus, the instrument offers advanced features, such as the ability to perform precision

measurements of very low resistance with the 2 ohm and 20 ohm ranges,

and ideal for high inductances with the 20H and 200H ranges, along with the unique

drop-proof construction, combine to make the unit the most versatile

handheld LCR available today. With proper care and use,

this meter can provide years of reliable operation.


This model is phased out and replaced by LCR-612.



L.C.R. 3-function measurement
lcr meter lcr-610
1% Basic accuracy
High resolution 0.1uH, 0.1pF and 1mΩ
 0.1uH to 200H inductance measurement
 1mΩ to 20mΩ resistance measurement
Dissipation factor measurement
Zero adjustment
The test lead TL-06 (Option) is specially designed for measuring SMD ( Surface mount device) resistor, capacitor and inductor.
  Model : LCR 610

Specifications : With CE approval

Capacitance Ranges: 

200pF,2nF,200Nf,2uF,20uF,200uF,2mF,20mF,9 ranges

Resolution:0.1pF-10uF,Accuracy 200pF-200uF1%+2dgts,2mF-20mF 2%+2dgts

Inductance Ranges:

200uH,2mH,200mH,2H,200H,7 ranges

Resolution:0.1uH-100mH,Basic Accuracy:3%=2dgts.

Resistance Ranges:

2Ω,20Ω,200Ω,2kΩ,20kΩ,200kΩ,2MΩ,20MΩ,8 ranges

Resolution: 1mΩ-10kΩ,Basic Accuracy:2%+2dgts


Power Requirement:

9V battery


6.8"x3.4"x1.37" (175x87x35mm)


12.2 oz(350g)


Comes complete with leads,battery and owners manual.

LCR Test Lead Model : TL-06 For SMD components. s:

TL-06 is specially designed for measuring SMD  (Surface mount device) 
lcr meter test lead for smd components
     resistor, capacitor and inductor for all kinds of multimeters with banana input socket.
 Model : TL 06








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