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Digital Clamp Meter

1000A AC/DC Amp +Frequency

Model:DCM-2605 (Discontinued and replaced by DCM-2608D)

This Tecpel® clamp meter dcm-2605 is a handheld 2000-count clamp multimeter that is designed for use in

the laboratory, field servicing, at home, and any circumstance where high current measurement is required.

The rugged clamp meter from Tecpel® is built with a design of finger guard which ensures users operating

this great tool under a safety situation; a rugged plastic case that is a shock resistant and fire retardant;

and electronic overload protection for all functions and ranges. In addition, a soft carrying case is available

for easy portability of the meter and avoiding damage.

Digital Clamp Meter

Features of DCM 2605

1. 3 1/2 digit display
2. AC/DC current up to 1000A
3. AC voltage up to 750V
4. DC voltage up to 1000V
5. Resistance up to 200kΩ
6. Frequency up to 40kHz
7. Display hold function
8. Audible continuity test
9. Over range indication
10. Maximum recording mode
11.Confirm to the IEC-1010-1 ,
UL 1244/UL3111, CE standard
12. Hand guard protection
13. Carrying case


SPECIFICATIONS        CE  Mark Safety Approval


    • Specifications :
    • DC Voltage Ranges: 1000V,±(0.5%+1dgt)
    • AC Voltage Ranges: 200V,750V, ±(1.5%+4dgts)
    • AC Current Ranges: 200A,1000A, ±(1.5%+5dgts)
    • DC Current Ranges: 200A,1000A, ±(1.5%+5dgts)
    • Resistance Ranges: 200Ω,200KΩ, ±(1.0%+3dgts)
    • Continuity Test: Audible indication less than 30Ω
    • General
    • Power Requirement: One 9V battery
    • Dimensions: 10.9"x4.0"x1.9" (277x102x49mm)
    • Weight: 18.9 oz/540g
    • Accessories: Test leads; soft carrying case, battery, and owners manual









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