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Single Input DTM 305 Dual Input DTM 306
A highly rugged and accurate thermometer which is ideal for  A sturdy and well constructed hand-held light weight thermometer
the temperature measurement, checking freezing equipment that's made to last! This rugged unit is also well protected by a
and science laboratory or industrial use. Additional features tough protective holster. In addition it features a dual thermocouple
include display reading hold and maximum record hold facility input for differential temperature measurement


Specifications Model
DTM 305 DTM 306
 Input Single Dual
 Measurement Range

-50to 1300(-58to 2000)

 Operating Range For use in 0to 50(32to 122) environment

(18to 28ambient)

+(0.3% rdg + 1), -50to 100℃                                                                                                            +(0.5% rdg + 1), 1000to 1300                                                                                     +(0.3% rdg +2 ), -58 to 2000℉                                                                                                                        The accuracy specification does not include type K thermocouple probe accuracy

 Temperature Coefficient Less than 0.1 times the applicable accuracy specification per ℃                                            Form 0to 18and 28to 50
 Temperature Scale Celsius or Fahrenheit user-selectable
 Resolution 1or 1℉ (or 0.1℃ or 0.1℉) 1or 1
 Sensor K-type thermocouple
 Sampling Rate

3 times/per second

 Operation Function ˙Data Hold
˙or Selectable 
˙0.1℃/ 1° display resolution selectable

˙2 points (T1, T2) selectable display
˙Differential measurement between 2 points        (T1, T2)
˙Data Hold
˙or Selectable 

5.8" x 2.8" x 1.5" (147mm x 70mm x 39mm)

 Weight 13.8oz (395g) including battery
 Power 9V battery 200hrs

           ˙Protective Rubble Holster                                                               
 ˙Operator's Manual                                                                
 ˙4 foot type "K" thermocouple bead probe (TPK-01)                  

 Input Protection

Maximum input 60V DC or 24V rms AC

 Display ˙3 1/2 digit LCD
˙Display unit: ℃,      
˙DH (Data Hold)
˙Low battery indicator :a.JPG (1053 個位元組)  
˙Overrange indicator : 0L
˙3 1/2 digit LCD
˙Input selection : T1, T2, T1-T2 
˙Dispaly units : ,,T1, T2, T1-T2  
˙Overrange indicator : 0L 
˙Low battery indicator : a.JPG (1053 個位元組)
˙DH (Data Hold)


Type K thermocouple probe (Option)


Measuring Range Description
TPK-01 Bead Probe -50℃ ~ 200℃/-58℉ ~ 392℉ For measurement surface or air temperatures. 4ft. wire with an industry standard minature plug.
TPK-03 Immersion Probe -50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉ General purpose needle type with stainless sheath. For measuring liquid or gel.
TPK-04 Surface Probe -50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉ Fast response probe. Ideal for measuring the surface temperature of small electronic parts.








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