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Single Input DTM 315 Dual Input DTM 316
A highly rugged and accurate thermometer which is ideal for A sturdy and well constructed hand-held light weight thermometer
the temperature measurement, checking freezing equipment that's made to last! In addition it features a dual thermocouple
and science laboratory or industrial use. Additional features input for differential temperature measurements, which is capable
include display reading hold and maximum, minimum, average, of simultaneously indicating two temperatures
REL, and timer facility.


Specifications Model
DTM 315 DTM 316
 Input Single Dual
 Measurement Range

-200to 1370(-328to 2498)

Operating Range For use in 0to 50(32to 122) environment

(18to 28ambient)

+(0.3% rdg + 1), -200to 1370excep +(0.5% rdg + 1), 200to 400                           +(0.3% rdg + 2), -328to 2498except  +(0.5% rdg +2 ), 200to 400℉                              The accuracy specification does not include type K thermocouple probe accuracy
 Temperature Coefficient Form 0to 18and 28to 50℃. add the following tolerance into the accuracy spec.         0.01% of reading + 0.03(0.01% of reading + 0.06)
 Temperature Scale Celsius or Fahrenheit user-selectable
 Resolution -200~ 2000.1;200to 1370℃, 1                                                                                -200~ 2000.1;200to 24981
 Sensor K-type thermocouple
 Sampling Rate 2.5 times/per second 0.6 times/per second
 Operation Function ˙Data Hold
˙or Selectable 
˙Siumltaneous MAX.AVG. MIN Measurement
˙The latest 8 data memory

˙2 points (T1, T2) selectable display
˙Differential measurement between 2 points       (T1, T2)
˙Data Hold
˙or Selectable 
˙Siumltaneous MAX.AVG. MIN Measurement
˙The latest 8 data memory

7.2" x 2.5" x 1.2" (184mm x 64mm x 30mm)

 Weight 7.4oz (210g) including battery
 Power 9V battery 100hrs

˙Soft Carrying Case                                                               
˙Operator's Manual                                                                
˙4 foot type "K" thermocouple bead probe (TPK-01)                  

 Input Protection

Maximum input 60V DC or 24V rms AC

 Display ˙4 digit LCD
˙Display unit: ℃, , MAX.AVG,MIN ,REL, display.jpg (1820 個位元組)     
˙Overrange indicato : ----
˙Low battery indicator :a.JPG (1053 個位元組)  
˙Auto Power off
˙4 digit LCD
˙Input selection : T1, T2, T1-T2 
˙Dispaly units : ,,T1, T2,T1-T2,MAX,AVG,                           MIN,REL   
˙Overrange indicato : ----  
˙Low battery indicator : a.JPG (1053 個位元組)
˙Auto Power off


RS-232/Tripot Stand /Type K thermocouple probe (Option)


Measuring Range Description
TPK-01 Bead Probe -50℃ ~ 200℃/-58℉ ~ 392℉ For measurement surface or air temperatures. 4ft. wire with an industry standard minature plug.
TPK-03 Immersion Probe -50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉ General purpose needle type with stainless sheath. For measuring liquid or gel.
TPK-04 Surface Probe -50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉ Fast response probe. Ideal for measuring the surface temperature of small electronic parts.
SE-300 N/A Thermolink, RS-232 Interface cable plus software
BS-6 N/A Tripod Stand for DTM-315,316








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