AC /DC current Digital clamp meter With features of 1500A AC/ 2000 A DC +Bar GRaph and AC True RMS voltage measurement.


Digital clamp meter 1500A AC/2000A DC Trms + Bar graph

Model: DCM-2608 (Discontinued and replaced by DCM-2608D)

 This Tecpel® clamp meter dcm-2608 is a handheld 4000-count clamp multimeter that is designed for use in the laboratory, field servicing, at home, and any circumstance where high current measurement is required.

The rugged clamp meter from Tecpel® is built with a design of finger guard which ensures users operating this great tool under a safety situation; a rugged plastic case that is a shock resistant and fire retardant; and electronic overload protection for all functions and ranges. In addition, a soft carrying case is available for easy portability of the meter and avoiding damage.


1. 3 3/4 digit display (4000 counts)
2. AC current up to 1500A;DC current up to 2000A
3. AC voltage up to 750V;DC voltage up to 1000V
4. Resistance up to 40MΩ
5. Frequency up to 400kHz
6. Capacitance measurement
7. Audible continuity test / Diode test
8. Over range indication
9. Max/Min recording mode
10. Relative mode to read offset values (Zero Ωkey)
11.Peak hold for transient measurement
12.Confirm to the IEC-1010-1 ,
UL1244/UL3111, CE standard
13. Hand guard protection
14. Carrying case.

 Download English manual of  digital clamp meter dcm-2608 ac 1500A, dc 2000A, True RMS, bar graph, capacitance measruement.