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New product Clamp meter ac/dc

AC/DC Current clamp meter ( DCM-042)

This mode is discontinued.

TECPEL DCM-042 a high high resolution AC/DC clamp meter. With the resolution of 0.l. This current clamp meter is a great tool for PWM trouble shootingand in noisy environment measurment. Inrush current(100mS) mode is very helpful for measuring start current to check motors, lighting equipment and etc., th

Tis current clamp transmitter is a great meter for circuit measurement or for car applications.eatures :

Clamp meter DCM-042

Features of Clamp meter DCM-042

600A DC/AC True RMS Industrial Clamp Meter

  • Maximum reading of 9999
  • ACA/DCA measurement up to 600.0A
  • Inrush current (100mS) mode, for measuring start current for motors, lighting, etc.
  • Good for PWM trouble shooting and in Noisy environment measurement
  • Improved low current measurement accuracy
  • Temperature Compensation Current sensor
  • HOLD/PEAK HOLD, MAX/MIN, A-Hz and V-Hz function
  • Auto shut-off maximizes battery life
  • Large, backlit display easy to see
  • Dimensions of conductor: O35mm
  • EN61010-1 Approval. Over-Voltage Category CAT III 1000V


SPECIFICATIONS        CE  Mark Safety Approval
  • AC/DC Current Clamp meter ( DCM-042)


    AC Current (accuracy: at the center of CT)

    Range: 0 to 600.0A

    Accuracy: (2.0%rdg+5dgts) on 20Hz to 100Hz

    (6.0%rdg+5dgts) on 100Hz to 400Hz

    Resolution: 0.1A

    AC Voltage

    Range: 0 to 600.0V

    Resolution: 0.1V

    Accuracy: (1.0%rdg+5dgts) on 20 to 100Hz

    (6.0%rdg+5dgts) on 100 to 400Hz

    Input impedance: 1M?

    DC Current (accuracy: at the center of CT)

    Range: 0 to 600.0A

    Accuracy: (2.0%rdg+5dgts)

    Resolution: 0.1A

    DC Voltage

    Range: 0 to 600.0V

    Resolution: 0.1V

    Accuracy: (1.0%rdg+5dgts)

    Input impedance: 1M?

    Resistance (Autorange)

    Range: 0 to 999.9?, 1000 to 9999?

    Accuracy: (1.5%rdg+5dgts)

    Resolution: 0.1?/1?


    Range: 20 to 400.0Hz

    Resolution: 0.1Hz

    Sensitivity: 5Vrms TTL signal,

    ?5A @20 to 100Hz, ?10A @100 to 400Hz

    Accuracy: (0.5%rdg + 5dgts)

    Diode Test

    Accuracy: (3.0%rdg+3dgts)

    Resolution: 0.001V

    Test current: 0.2mA

    Test Voltage: <3.0V


    Audible indication: less than 30?


    Range: 0 to 999.9F

    Resolution: 0.1F

    Accuracy: (5.0%rdg + 10dgts)

    Temperature (K-Type Thermocouple)

    Range: -40C to 1200C, -40F to 2200F

    Accuracy: (0.5%rdg+1C)

    (0.5%rdg+2F), (not including thermocouple error)

    Resolution: 0.1C on -40C to 999.9C

    1C on 1000C to 1200C

    0.1F on -40F to 999.9F

    1F on 1000F to 2200F





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