Temperature / Humidity Transmitter trh-303 Wall type

Temp. and humidity Transmitter Wall Type

 Model : TRH-301, TRH-302, TRH-303






Temp. and humidity Transmitter Duck Type




Product ID: TRH-301. 302 , 303

Temperature / Humidity Transmitter

TRH-300 series utilizes a thin-film polymer
capacitor to sense relative humidity, and
a thin-film RTD to accurately sense temperature.

TRH-301 Temperature transmitter
TRH-302 Humidity transmitter
TRH-303 Temp./humi. Transmitter

Temperature / Humidity Transmitter TRH-303 String type , seperated type


Temp. Humidity Transmitter Seperated Type



Fast, stable and accurate.
Watertight enclosure.
Compact size, Easy mounting.
Excellent Long-term stability.
Wide input voltage : range.(12Vdc~40Vdc)
Available with either Current or Voltage output.
On-site, Two point calibration. (Zero and span)

Temperature Humidity Transmitter(Transducer) TRH-301, 302, 303

TRH-301, 302, 303

Measuring Range: 0~100°C (-20~+80°C, 0~50°C, -40~+60°C available) 0~100% RH

Accuracy: (at 25°C)    ±2% RH, ±0.3°C

stability: Better than 1% RH per year (Typical)

Temperature compensation: ±0.008% RH / °C (Effect @ 0% RH)

Response time: < 15 seconds (90% at +25°C in moving air at 0.5 M/S )

Senosr Humidity: Thin-film capacitor

Temperature: RTD Pt 100 Ohm DIN, IEC751

Signal output: Humi: 4~20mA Two wire

Temp: 4~20mA Two wire (selectable)

Selectable output signal : 0 to 1 V, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V or 1 to 5V. (option)

Working Voltage:12~36 VDC

Sensor protection: Sensor filter, Part No. TR-3066. (option )

ABS plastic watertight enclosure (IP 65)

Connection Liquid-tight nylon, cable Bushing: 5-10mm cables

Working ambient: -40~+85°C (-40~+185°F)

Weight: Approx. 150 g


Order Information:
Model :
TRH-301 Temperature transmitter
TRH-302 Humidity transmitter
TRH-303 Temp./humi. Transmitter
Shape (Mounting)
W : Wall Mount Type
D : Duct mount Type
S: Separated Type
Specify: Measuring ranges and output signal Current 4~20mA or Voltage (Option 0~1V, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1 ~5V )

Certificate: CE 

TRH-300W (Wall Type); TRH-300D (Duct Type);TRH-300S (Separated Type)



Temperature /Humidity Transmitter TRH-303 4~20mA Output Application diagram and Instruction:




TRH-303, 4~20mA temp/humidity transmitter

Application Note:

1. One (+) power wire to Humidity or Temp (+) terminal ; Both Temp/Humidity

2. The signal would be out from the (-) terminal and connect this wire to the (+) terminal of the controller AND

3. The (-) terminal is the connected to the Ground (-) of the power source.

Our transmitter is a two wire system with the positive (+) as power source and the negative is the Communication Source.

 Data Sheet
 English Manual for transmitter
 English Manual for tranmitter and LED monitor Display


TRH-AI Data logger for Ethernet network operation




Temp. and humidity LED Monitor Display TRH-

3306D with Temp. and humidity transmitter





Tempetature LED Monitor Display with Temperature transmitter





trh-303-temperature humidity transmitter-right.jpg TRH-303 Temperature humidity transducer board.png

TRH-303 Temperature and humidity sensor adjustment.png TRH-303 Temperature humidity monitor spec label.jpg

Above illustrated photos are Model TRH-303 Wall type humidity and temperature transmitter. Temperaturate range

is from -20 ~ 80 deg C,  4 ~ 20mA output.  Humidity 0 ~ 100% RH. You may specify

(1) What type you need? W, S, or D type,

(2)Output signal Current 4~20mA or Voltage (Option 0~1V, 0~5V, 0~10V, 1 ~5V ),

(3)Temperature ranges: 0~100°C (-20~+80°C, 0~50°C, -40~+60°C available)

Go to Leaflet for temperature humidity led monitor display and temperature humidity transmitter TRH-300

English Manual for tranmitter and LED monitor Display

 Temperature Humidity Tranmitter TRH-303,

Large LED panel display TRH-3306D + VR-71 Voltage Data logger Video Demonstrationt





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