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Electronic/Electric Instruments

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  Tecpel test instruments  Temperature calibrator CL-327


Product ID: CL 327

CL 327 Temperature Calibrator

1. 11 types of thermocouples
2 .K,J,E,T,R,S,N,L,U,B and C
3. C and F with 0.1 deg C and 0.1 deg F resolution
4. Internal and external temperature reference
5. Delta T input, Delta T increment, and delta T decrement
6. Easy Just-type-in-number operation


  tecpel test and measurement.                          temperature meter with calibrator  

Product ID: CL 325

Multifunction Calibrator

CL 325 Features
1. 4-20mA (1K Ohm load, 24V Loop Supply)
2. 0-100.00mV,0-1.000V, 0-12.000V
3. K, J, E, T Thermocouple (°C and °F)
4. Frequency 1-62500 Hz
5. 0.025% Basic Accuracy
6. Easy Key-pad Operation
7. Easy Step and Auto Ramp Functions
8. 0-20mA, 0-24mA selectable
9. 0-100% Input (mA, mV, V )
10. Beeper warning when output is open (mA) or short (mV,V)


Product ID: CL-326 :

Dual Temperature Calibrator and Thermometer

Model: CL-326
Dual Input/Output Thermometer & Calibrator
CE-Mark approval
3 1/2 digital 2000 counts with high resolution
Display back-light feature
K/J/T/E-types thermocouple selection dual input, HOLD function
Highly accurate with 0.1%
Auto range 0.1 ° /1 °
° C/ ° F user-selective
Auto power off function

      水 產 養 殖 設 備
                                sound level calibrator dsl-336  

Product ID: DSL 336

Sound Level Calibrator
Sound Level Calibrator
Model:DSL 336
Features :
1. 94dB and 114dB Sound Calibration at 1KHz
2. Acurate and Simple to use
3. Fits 1 inch, 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch diameter microphone


Process calibrator cl-324

Product ID: CL-324

Process Calibrator

The Tecpel CL-324 is a battery-powered, hand-held process calibrator that allows process technicians to simulate and source variables signals including 0~20mA, 0~20V, Loop power 24V that are widely used in calibration for industrial field and laboratory application, it is one of necessary tools used to test and calibrate industrial automation systems and instruments. Get your job done fast and get it done precisely at affordable price. Your right choice!



程控校正器 (電壓電流校驗儀) CL-420A

Process Calibrator CL-420

Source and simulate virtually all electronic process signals.

Loop Calibrator simultaneous mA and % readout.

Fast and easy to interpret reading mA accuracy of 0.05%

Push button 25% steps for easy and fast linearity check 24V internal loop supply.

Able to power and read a transmitter at the same time.

Low battery display indication.




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