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Digital Thickness gauges

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Digital thickness gauges

This thickness gauge is frequently used to monitor coating material thickness on steel or iron surface in various places of cars, furniture, tables and etc.  Equipped with its sensor head reaches steel plating in sides, trucks, decks and the structure. You can read its thickness by simply touching the ferrous material like Steel, Iron, or non ferrous material like Aluminum with the measurement head. Contact is usually assured by first removing visible corrosion scale and then applying petroleum jelly before pressing the probe against metal. It is also used for monitoring coating pipelines.

TG-902 (For both ferrous or on ferrous material)

This instrument is a portable easy to use 3½ digit, compact-sized digital “ferrous” or “non-ferrous” coating thickness gauge designed for simply one hand operation. Meter comes with backlight LCD display, Data Logging function and Auto Power Off (30 seconds approx.) to extend battery life.

TG-900 (Only for ferrous material)

This instrument is a portable easy to use 3½ digit, compact-sized digital coating thickness gauge sighting designed for simple one hand operation. Meter comes with Backlit LCD display, Auto-Hold function and auto power down (15 seconds approx.) after releasing trigger to extend battery life.


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